5 Essential Weed Accessories For Smoking in Style

Weed Accessories for smoking marijuana
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Weed consumption has several connotations associated with it. Therefore there are numerous weed products to look out for. Every stoner has one’s own list of must-haves, consisting of accessories that add to the session and making smoking at home and on the go simple. Chances are that you already have one or two of these essentials in your snuff kit but we bet you don’t have all. We have compiled a list of the five must-have weed accessories which stoners can add to their smoking kit to give it a makeover, add the missing piece to the session or just go through to know better about the best accessories in the market now.

  1. Rolling Papers

Papers are the most common marijuana accessories and can be purchased from an online dispensary Canada. Simply get one and add your bud. A joint or doobie is rolled using a rolling paper. You can always buy just about any rolling papers. Whether you are new to weed or are a seasoned veteran, rolling papers are a must. You can purchase them for just a few bucks at head shops and even gas stations.

  1. Blunt Wraps

Similar to joints, blunts are almost every stoner’s first companion. But despite trying hard, these blunts leave you smoking raw tobacco bits. This is where blunt wraps come into action. Rather than exposing the lungs to inhaling raw tobacco, smokers can choose to roll a blunt in the form of a blunt wrap which is not just better for health but also helps you smoke in style. There are many brands creating easy, durable, unfilled wraps. As far as weed products go, one can never go wrong with a blunt wrap.

  1. Bongs

When talking about the classic weed accessories, there are some that always come to mind. While joints are a staple, there are numerous glass items such as bongs. These accessories come in a variety of materials from stone to ceramic and glass to silicone. Bongs made out of glass are quite popular. They are easy to recognize and often portrayed in stoner films. They don’t come with a carb hole but rather feature a downstem with a top bowl which works as the carb hole.

  1. Vaporizer

We all have heard that ripping a bong is not recommended. What is the option to enjoy weed without getting exposed to smoke? It’s Vaporizers. Apart from the health benefits, vaporizers offer a lot more. The advantages include preserving the greens better and medicating you with each hit. Those who like to move about a lot can invest in a small, durable vaporizer that fits in the bag and is easy to refill. They come with a number of temperature settings to allow you puff on your bud at the temperature that suits you the best.

  1. Stash Jar

It is essential to store bud in the appropriate container to keep it moist and fresh for a long time. While plastic is not the right choice, many of the stoners use a mason jar. A smell-proof stash jar is a worthy investment. It not only helps you keep the greeny-ness intact but also keeps it as moist as day one. You can find a variety of durable and lightweight stash jars which are portable and ideal for travel. Once closed, these jars create a semi-vacuum to seal the smells.